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Fisherlouisa reviewed James Kuehn 2/5/15
Jim not only sold our home on 3rd, but had also helped us buy that home 14 years earlier, he has helped us with a remodel and because we could not be there to pack- up, he made sure all went smoothly . Jim has become a friend over the years, but has always maintained his professionalism. Thank you for your help, it was invaluable.

sddawnsea reviewed James Kuehn 1/23/15
Our necessity of selling a friends house in Ketchum while we lived in San Diego would not have been possible without Jims expertise, kindness, understanding, professionalism, and positive attitude which really helped at this difficult time. He was always available to help with questions, negotiations, assistance with clearing out our friends lifelong treasures, preparing the house for the sale, and keeping us well informed every step of the way. His expert knowledge about all aspects of the sale were confirmed by all of our contacts. We feel so fortunate to have had his help with a not so easy sale.

Robin Paschall reviewed James Kuehn 7/27/13
We have used Jim twice to buy property. Jim knows the area and the market intimately. He is always on top of all the details and does what he can to make the process go smoothly. Even after the sale, he helps us with local contractors and anything else we need.

user20458488 reviewed James Kuehn7/23/13
You would not go wrong with Jim as your agent. The process took time through the slow recession Mr. Obama created but Jim was able to stand by the listing as I had faith that it would come around and things in the valley would start selling again even though it was a reduced rate of about 50% thanks to the Inability of the Obama administration to do anything.

user08374651 reviewed James Kuehn 7/23/13
Jim helped me to sell my house on a short sale. He was very helpful in explaining the process and negotiating with the primary and secondary lenders. I have the utmost confidence in his abilities and would recommend his services to anyone in need of an honest, upstanding realtor.

user1426873 reviewed James Kuehn 7/22/13
Jim made the process of buying a home easy. He is quick to reply to calls and emails and really takes the time to explain the entire process. He knows the market! Jim took the time to figure out exactly what I was looking for and helped me find a great home. Wonderful!

user25005169 reviewed James Kuehn 6/28/13
We were absolutely delighted with the services that Jim provided, including identifying and showing us a range of properties for our consideration, helping us to formulate our offer, assisting us with final negotiations, and completing the closing. Additionally, Jim provided other related assistance to us throughout the process, including referrals to local contractors and service providers, coordination of visits to the community, and assistance with various meetings and arrangements. Jim is very knowledgeable about the overall market and individual properties, easy to work with, responsive to requests for information and assistance, and attentive to details. Thank you Jim for a Great Job! Ben and Marie

user5722018 reviewed James Kuehn 6/26/13
We began working with Jim Kuehn in May 2012 which was a very good decision for us. From our very first visit with Jim, we were impressed with his patinence and demeanor as we decribed our vision for a new home. As we viewed homes, it was apparent that he was focused on what we had discussed and was very keen on reviewing our impressions about the properties. From these initial discussions and the continuous consultations, to the final home which we bought thruough Jim, his professionalism pleasureable and heavily relied upon. This was extremely important as we went through the slow agonizing process of the "Short Sale". After the sale, Jim continued to provide us with reliable electricans, cabinet makers, painters, garage repair, andother appropriate suggestions as we began implementing a few personal refinements of our new dream home.Our experience with Jim Kuehn was first rate and he remains a friend with whom we enjoy bringing carrotts for his favorite horses.

user2881095 reviewed James Kuehn 6/24/13
I have been in the marketplace in James Kuehn's area many times over the past few years as both a seller and a buyer. Each time James has been very proactive, given me head's up advice on when to buy and projecting up and down turns accurately and has gone way out of his way to be helpful. I truly cannot say enough here that sums up all the great help James has been for me many times even where there was not a profit in it for him. Hat's off to James! Thank you for all of your help. Terry Rich

user282889 reviewed James Kuehn 6/24/13
It is my pleasure to share with you my thoughts of Jim Kuehn and the genuine passion regarding his professional services. I highly recommend Jim and his group, and consider him my master agent in all current/future sales and acquisitions. Not only is Jim a pleasure to work with, he is one of those people you pick up along the way in your life for a reason. Jim is a truly upstanding individual with many professional talents and a unique personality that attracts opportunities for not only himself, but with you in mind always. Jim is very versed in many aspects of the market. He comes highly recommended and his relationships are a true resource. I cannot say enough about my experience and recommend you spend some time with Jim on your next sale. I look forward to seeing your posts following mine here, as I am sure you will feel the same and welcome the opportunity to share your thoughts.

user7017897 reviewed James Kuehn 6/24/13
Jim was very helpful with his knowledge and suggestions on listing our property. I would recomend him highly Jim has been in our valley for many years and that time frame has given him a wide knowledge of this market Mike Bullock

user0862534 reviewed James Kuehn 6/23/13
Jim has managed three properties for sale over the past 3 yrs. and we have completed one sale in this down market and it went very well in spite of few issues that needed addressing prior to closure of Escrow thanks to Jim's experience and ability to interact with other realtors.

user3773584 reviewed James Kuehn 6/23/13
Jim definitely knows this market and kept me apprised of all the comps and relevant sales as they happened. He was, I think, right on target with pricing strategy.
I had to remodel the kitchen and bathrooms and update paint and light fixtures etc. He was invaluable because I would have had to choose items and execute the project remotely , since I was out of the area much of the year.. He stepped up to manage the process, and found the right personnel to do the work effectively and reasonably.

user4093315 reviewed James Kuehn 6/22/13
Aside from being a friendly and entertaining individual, Jim Kuehn had a vast knowledge of the area, and seeming to know almost everyone we came into contact with. In many cases he understood the history of the properties he showed. Jim was fun to work with and I'd without hesitation, use his services again.

user5008954 reviewed James Kuehn 6/22/13
Jim has help me purchase many homes and lots over the last 15 years. He pays attention to detail and make sure that the transaction goes smoothly.
I have recommended him your number of family and friends over the past years and will continue to do so.

user7197428 reviewed James Kuehn 6/21/13
It is with great pleasure to write Jim a recommendation. Jim has been helping me with property management for years. He has assisted me at the most dire of times with renters and the daunting task of reconstruction. If it hadn't been for Jim I would have been completely overwhelmed! His knowledge is invaluable! He's always willing to assist with challenges presented within - the area, be it products, services &/or (sub) contractors He truly knew who to call, where to go and my overall needs without being 'over-the-top'. He is one the most trustworthy persons I know, he leaves nothing to doubt or to question - he is on top of it! I am very thankful for his honesty, integrity, professionalism and friendship.

user46304380 reviewed James Kuehn 6/21/13
Jim has been an ideal agent to work with. His expertise, professionalism and warmth are evident in all he does. He guided us smoothly through a long and complicated short sale process, and worked tirelessly on our behalf to make sure we were satisfied customers. I highly recommend Jim for anyone looking to buy or sell in the Sun Valley area.

daiseysv reviewed James Kuehn 6/21/13
I am very likely to, and have recommended Jim to many people. He possesses great expertise in the real estate market. I consider his local knowledge of the area a great resource. Jim works hard in the interest of his clients and strives to make everyone happy in negotiation of a sale.

user0695801 reviewed James Kuehn 6/21/13
We bought a 2nd home in Hailey that included a frustratingly long short sale process (yes, that's redundant, I know.) Jim's patience, savvy w/ the market/process, and integrity was incomparable. We are now in the process of working on the home a from a remote location. We have come to find that Jim's reputation in Sun Valley, both personally and professionally is a rock solid. It is one that he has built over the last 35 plus years in the area. EVERYBODY knows him, and he knows everybody. Jim is managing the process for us and we are very happy to have him.If you are buying or selling a first or second in the Sun Valley area, I can't imagine a better choice for a professional to work with.

idahoyeagers reviewed James Kuehn 5/26/11
I would defiantly recommend Jim to anyone needing help with real estate needs. Jim is not only very knowledgeable, but keeps you informed and is readily available to his clients. He will go out of his way for you and, help you to make the best most informed decision whether you are the buyer or seller.

kimpjones reviewed James Kuehn 5/26/11
I would completely recommend Jim. I have worked with Jim twice in recent years and there is NO-ONE I would recommend higher. He works tirelessly to bring everything to the table. No stone is left unturned, his attention to detail is astounding and he is fast. His knowledge of the area is second to none and he is a fabulous human being to boot! Chances are I would not have my fabulous home today if it wasn't in large part due to Jim's enthusiastic efforts towards making it happen for me.