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Skiing Sun Valley "The History

Ski magazine artivle
Posted: December 07, 2016 by Carla Darveau

"The original winter playground of the rich and famous just got a whole lot fancier. But as anyone who lives there knows, Sun Valley was already perfect". by Joe Curtis published in the December issue of SKI MAGAZINE. The article goes on to say " Sun Valley would be a hell of a mountain to ski on a powder day. No run-outs, no time wasting traverses: just lots of steep, deeply scenic, delightfully charismatic terrain- 3,400 vertical feet of it spilling off the table top summit of Bald Mountain. Cover it with, say, 15 inches of powder, and it'd be paradise."qoute by Joe Curtis.
  The interesting part of Sun Valley history dates back to the 1930's. Harriman had a vision as well as immense ambition toward the creation of a destination ski resort in the American West. Harriman's enthusiasm with skiing developed as a result of his travels in Europe as an international banker during the late 1920s/early 1930s. Upon returning to the United States, and becoming Union Pacific Railroad's Chairman of the board, Harriman was set out to find a European skiing paradise in America. On Washington's Birthday in 1936, Harriman traveled to Ketchum in his own private railroad coach, fell in love immediately, with what would soon become Sun Valley. Becoming the nation's first destination ski resort. The article goes on to tell of Hemingway, and Gretchen Fraser, who won America's first Olympic skiing medals, the movie stars and our famous Sun Valley lodge. 
   Quoting Earl Holding "If it's worth doing, it's worth over doing" the new lodges are testament to that. 
When reading this article the author gives a feeling of extreme excitement to hit the slopes of Sun Valley. "The burn is one of the most incredible combinations of visual and gravity fed stimulation I've ever experienced, and it begs for speed." quote by Joe Curtis.  The article goes on to speak of our local friendly spots for food and beverages. Prime rib at the Pio. A gondola ride up to the Roundhouse, a Sun Valley signature experience. And a bar hop from Grump's to Apple's to Whiskey Jacques and the Casino. I am personally thrilled to be in Sun Valley this winter to experience the Sun Valley Skiing. 

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